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Ok I´m new to the forums but not to Dan´s regimen, and I´ve seen that the new moisturizer is not that appreciated by the users. The thing is that my new acne.org kit has just arrived yesterday, but i still have a bit of the old moisturizer bottle. Therefore, I will continue using the old one until is empty. I know that the reviews of the new moisturizer are one of the lowest in this site.So I wanted to know, from an experience user of the new moisturizer, if its that bad like many people say, or at long term it´s a good product. I´m a bit worried because my old bottle will empty soon and i dont want to put a product in my face that is going to contradict my acne progress during all these months.

P.S. I want people who´ve tried the new moisturizer for a couple of months and not only for a week. Help ! :(tinydan.gif

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I personally like the new moisturizer. It glides on very nice and soaks in very well. I mix it with Jojoba Oil still and like I've said, I enjoy it. People talk about turning 'yellow' but no one has come up with a photo and I haven't experienced it. People also say that it doesn't moisturize enough and to a point I will agree. I actually have to apply my moisturizer in two steps. Other than that, I enjoy it better than the old one. But that's just my personal opinion about it.

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