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Hey so I've been on differin for 6 months and pretty much don't get breakouts anymore. If I do its a pimple (usually with a small white head) thats managable. Most of the pimples are near the chin, so I don't mind them too much. But generally no more acne breakouts. There is two things tho...1) Differin makes my face really red (even if I use sunblock at day, wait 20 minutes after I shower to apply pea size amount, and use special green tinted moisturizer). Even tried cutting back to 1-3 times a week. 2) I have lots of hyperpigmentation/acne marks (red, purple, dark) all over my face from past acne. the worst one were from cysts from my inital 3 months on differin.

So I've been trying to combat these marks in all ways possible, using differin, essential oils, aloe, salyclic acid, lightening creams (meladerm). I've seen pretty much no change in my marks in the 3 months after the acne going down. So I think I'm gunna try AHA+ and hopefully I get results.

Please post your thoughts and/or past experiences.

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Which AHA's are you planning on using?

I hear lactic acid is really good; and there have been raving reviews about mandelic acid.

I too, am trying to get rid of my pigmentation marks due to previous acne. Mine vary from lighter brown to very dark brown; almost freckle like.

I've heard a lot about acid peels helping, but I'm not too keen on doing acid peels; I'd like to try other less erosive treatments first to see if they'd be of any help.

I've ordered a trial kit from www.ishtarskinlights.com (I'm UK resident, and this is one of the few retailers of mandelic acid that I could find)

The trial kit contains a cleanser containing 13% mandelic and glycolic acids, a toner containing 5% glycolic acid, and a serum with 10% mandelic acid.

Should arrive within a few days so I'll give it a try.

I've also heard a lot about the natural plant extract embilica being great for pigmentation marks.

I started using a cream yesterday: Skin Doctors SD white (advanced brightening complex) and the main active ingredients are lactic acid and embilica so hopefully it will be effective; I'll be keeping the forum posted with results.


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I'm using the AHA+ from this website. The reviews are very good for it, I really hoping that substituting AHA+ for differin will get my complexion back, not the red complexion I currently have. Also i hope it can finally ride me of these acne marks. I don't think anything could make me happier at this point and time.

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