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Good Cleansers For Oily/moderate To Severe Acne?

Hi there! :) I've had acne for as long as I can remember. It just totally brings down my self esteem, and I feel like I don't want to go out anywhere anymore, you know? My skin was never this oily, but now I've noticed it getting extremely oily. Right now I'm using a mixture of many products, and I don't really have a routine. I exfoliate my skin at night with the Tea Tree Oil facial exfoliator for oily/blemished skin from the body shop. I use that almost every night, although it only says to use it once or twice a week :$When I'm not using the exfoliator at night, I just wash my face with the basic spectre jel. In the mornings, I use the continuous control acne cleanser with 5% benzoyl peroxide medication from clean & clear. I found it worked the first week or so, but now it just lost it's magic. I'm getting more breakouts now on my chin & forehead, and dramatic change (bad) on my cheeks. To moisturize (only in the morning) i use the seaweed mattifying day cream, also from the body shop.

So far, it seems like none of these products are working for me. Not only do I have really oily skin and moderate to severe acne (but more moderate), I have really sensitive skin as well. I find that a lot of cleansers, when I first start to use them, they dry up my skin a lot. I don't see a difference in my skin since I have started using the facial cleansers and stuff that I have been using. I've tried almost everything, and even went to a derm. He prescribed me these pills (which were useless, considering I can't swallow pills) and this cream that made my face just burn and I couldn't handle it. I was thinking about using oxy pads or maybe the oxy sensitive face wash, but I'm not sure how that will effect my skin. If i were to use the oxy, then I'd probably only use it at night, and use a lighter cleanser in the morning (I was thinking maybe the purpose gentle cleansing wash??) I just didn't know how those two would react with each other.

All I would like is a facial cleansing routine for day/night that fits well with my skin type and works effectively and fast. I know that it won't be over night that my skin heals, but I'm in grade 10, and I want my acne to go away asap, you know? Thanks for any help! x

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