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Advice Needed On Upcoming Laser Treatment

Hi ive had a long fight with the NHS to get them to fund my scar treatment and in exactly 19 days I will be getting Laser treatment (of which I am unsure of) under the condition that my acne is Not active ...........well what would you know its coming mildly back.

I can manage this acne with the use of topical treatments to the point that it isnt that noticable. But I feel like this may be a problem and implicate my procedure as of the day of procedure I cannot put any chemicals on my face for 2 weeks, this would allow acne to come up and maybe damage my recovering skin ?

Oral antibiotics have worked for me in the past but would a GP prescribe me antibiotics with no extreme acne ?

If I alerted my GP that I was having concerns about this treatment could he prevent me from having it ?

Does anyone know if they give you any aftercare treatment which may prevent acne from forming ?

Anyone have an opinion on the matter ?

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thats expensive, never had that, never will. CO2 is a very aggresive laser and they will give you aftrecare treatments

are u getting the laser treatments for acne scarring or just acne?

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antibiotics probably wouldnt work quick enough anyway.

could be a stress reaction....i dont think mild spots would affect the treatment , only if it was full blown acne

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