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What Do You Think Would Happen...

if businesses chose their employees based on the same principles many of us choose our animal products?

A resume would read something like "Plenty of sunlight and time to roam in open pastures, ample amounts of nutrients, fed his natural diet" etc. in the space below schooling/qualifications.

America would keep it's model of "go to college then get a job in your field of study" (a system which hasn't been working out the best) only more of an emphasis would be placed upon said field of study. People would be more likely to demand optimally raised livestock and organic agriculture grown in a sustainable manner from their governments and therefore lower humanity's environmental impact. The USDA, FDA, and EPA (to name a few) would have to completely reinvent their way of operating in order to cater to the same people whose health it was their job to ensure in the first place.

Want to get a job? Start taking better care of yourself. No more excuses on not being able to afford all this organic, pasture-raised mumbo jumbo.

It would also bring a whole new meaning to cattle call auditions...

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Maybe I'm just mean, but when I see a person who's visibly unhealthy (fat, gluttonous, etc.) I'm more likely to think they're lazy in most aspects of their life, including any work they have to do.

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Ideally, we aren't supposed to judge people on appearances, but it's sort of how things are. We had an interesting discussion about this in a psych class, what people are trying to say by their image (clothes, pictures, language). Honestly with most friends it isn't a big deal, but if it were someone I really loved, I'd want them to try and take care of themselves. I'm all for people doing what they want, but I think a big part of the reason why people lead unhealthy lifestyles is that they don't realize just how much damage is being done, the poor quality of the food, the effects of stress, etc. They don't have to be hyperconcious, but I think it'd be good for people to have a good idea of the potential repercussions of their lifestyles.

That being said, I think this has been kind of going on already.

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