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electric lady

Lasers = No Bueno


Just had eMatrix done 2 months ago. I was optimistic about this procedure since I was told it was non-invasive, gentle, and that my skin was a perfect candidate for it. I was sold.

Results: Scars are worse! Deeper and re-pigmented..... wah. 9 months of waiting for pitted acne scars to heal..... and now, I'm left with reborn scars sad.png

*smh*..... never. do. lasers.

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I'm really sorry for you.

But hey, Jimi had some acne scars too, and he managed to be the greatest fucking guitarrist ever! :P

Be strong, and give your skin time to heal for this aggressive procedure. The scars will eventually go away with months/years.

Good luck!

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Electric Lady, that sucks that ematrix didn't work out. My mom had her 2nd ematrix done for very old scars. No difference yet after the 2nd treatment. We were told that it works slowly over time. It's weird how some people posted about their treatments and then nada, no follow-up. I'm very curious, more than ever, to see how things worked out for them. To have more hope.

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I remember some chick on here had a detailed log about her experience with Ematrix. She did say she noticed a difference, but had several treatments; I think 9-12 treatments before she said she could definitively notice a difference.

In either case collagen regeneration takes time; one treatment looks like it wasn't enough for you. Have you considered other lasers, since Ematrix if remember correctly works off a different wave length.

Maybe Erbium or Fraxel? Where would you classify your scarring at??

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