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Are There Any Before&after Pics?

i've been looking around the forums trying to find pics that show drastic improvement from doing these diets and i can't seem to find any. i wanted to tell my dermatologist that there is proof out there that food can affect acne..cause he told me there is no relation to food and acne except dairy can have some affect on it.

i was just looking through the accutane posts and there are a lot of pics of severe cystic acne all over their faces..and i think to myself "can diet really clear up really severe acne like that????"

if anyone has before and after pics of their improvement from dieting, please share!

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It's a weird part of the site to navigate, check the thumbnails off to the bottom right, not the centermost ones. I have some up in my personal gallery but they were taken with a meh webcam and are a little over 2 months of progress.

P.s. Last I checked dairy was just one thing people put in their bodies and if it can have an affect then wouldn't it make sense for other things to as well? Your derm probably just admitted to the dairy aspect because more studies have been done recently about it (so "dairy bad" will just replaced "chocolate not bad" as far as "studies" go in the acne v. diet connection department go).

My advice? Don't bother convincing people besides your immediate family/friends of what you're (I'm assuming) trying to accomplish via diet modifications. Just leave your derm in the dust while you zoom off in the direction of clear skin. :)

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Very true. I'm engaged in a secret competition with my dermatologist. I'm the only one who knows about it, so theoretically, I can't lose, right?

Seriously though, you can check out my before/after pics on my profile. Lots of things about my skin have improved in ways products couldn't solve. I don't have a vendetta against people using products or anything, but products and malnutrition gave me many skin problems.

I've been able to get off needing antibiotics (good thing too, because they were starting to fail) and I haven't used my Retin A gel in two weeks which is awesome because my skin isn't dry, it isn't incredibly flaky, and I'm getting about the same results. I've only been using some special benzoyl peroxide cream that she prescribed me in the mornings only, and that seems to be enough. I've been consistently clearer than I ever was while using products, which had a tendency to clear me up really well in the beginning, and then level off and then eventually stop working.

The diet/acne thing makes so much more sense now though than it did a month ago. People all around the world in less westernized nations don't have skin problems on average, and it doesn't make sense that nature would create people who were meant to have severe, painful acne.

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