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Hello guys...

I started of getting pimples at the age of 13-14.

I am now 16 years old, and still got a few pimples. It's now like 2 weeks ago I started with Zinc tablets of 22mg. I only obtained 22mg zinc each day in 2 weeks. And only with 22mg of zinc a day, I'm seeing huge results! 1 day ago I started with B5 aswell, only 150mg in total a day. That combined with the 22mg of zinc is just the cure I've been waiting for. I've been down to the bottom, I've hit the ground, it's so terrible what acne can lead you to, but finally I've found something that works out for me. I still got a few spots and pimples, but it's so mild. I'm just washing my face 2 times a day include obtaining the pills. So far so good. I really hope it will get me 100% clear! I'm around 85% clear already. :)

I'm starting to up the intake of zinc to 44mg. Can't wait to see the effects of B5 aswell, although it's only 150mg (better than nothing at all. But might wanna buy the 500mg pills).

I highly recommend Zinc for acne. Hope you guys will try it!

- Vinravn

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I would also like to know what kind of zinc you are using. You are not using very much at all, and your B5 dose is almost nothing. People here have gone as high as 20 grams of B5. Don't follow their example; it will cause hair loss. How bad was your acne before you started zinc? If 22mg of zinc helped your acne that much, it couldn't have been that bad to begin with...

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