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I have two questions about CP. You can skip over the little anecdote I've provided in italics.

I have been using Clindamycin Phospate topical lotion now for over 3 months now. My skin has been consistently moderate. Sometimes it clears up well for several days. Sometimes it gets a little worse than moderate.

How I've been using it has also been consistent for quite some time now:


-PanOxyl 10% BP facewash

-Apply Clindamycin Phospate to clean, dry skin

-wait several minutes, apply emu oil


-PanOxyl 10% BP facewash

-Apply Clindamycin Phospate to clean, dry skin

I was wondering if I need to cut out the emu oil. I use it as a moisturizer. Before clindamycin phospate, I used Tazorac, and I was told to use emu oil as a moisturizer. I was also told that emu oil enhances the effectiveness of Tazorac. I was wondering if emu oil had the same effect on clindamyic phospate, or if I am wasting my efforts. I hope emu oil does not render the CP useless.

I also wanted to know if there is a suggested length of time to let the medicine settle in to the skin in the mornings? Should I just leave it on all day, or should I wash it after x hours?

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Dermatologist diagnosed that I have folliculitus and prescribed CP for me. I have been using it for about 3 months with mixed results. It has pretty much cleared up issue on my back and chest, but has not worked well on my face.

Regarding your two questions:

I think the use of a moisturizer is pretty much personal preference based on your situation. My derm doc indicated that it would be fine to skip using a moisturizer if my skin didn't feel too dry. Frankly, you are better off minimizing the number of variables involved. The derm doc did not indicate any certain moisturizer that enhances the effectiveness of CP.

I believe you simply leave the CP on. It just stays on until your next regular wash at night, or whenever. I find the CP gives my face a very shiny/oily appearance after only a short time and then I have to blot my face with a tissue. I don't even use it on my face during the day because of that (only at night before bed and boy do I look like an oil slick the next morning). I don't think the CP is the right stuff for my face and have an appointment with derm doc to re-evaluate the situation.

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Thank you Torquemonster for your help and feedback. I've encountered the same issue with oily skin. CP definitely driesd the skin, triggering the sebaceous glands to react. I've been using it since the summertime, and it doesn't really work. I just had a huge breakout on my left cheek, and I'm going to be starting a strict regimine from here on with a few changes:


-Wash face with PanOxyl 10% BP

-Apply CP



-Rinse face

-Apply Pad with Salicylic Acid

-Multivitamin & Fish Oil supplements


-Wash face with PanOxyl

-Emu Oil

-Rinse off, apply CP

All the while chugging water and washing hands

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