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I Found The Cleanser For My Skin!

I finally found a cleanser that feels like it's cleansing, but without drying the skin or feeling like it doesn't cleanse at all. My acne breakouts have been reduced noticeably and I can therefore use less BP, which then makes my skin less dry.

Guinots Hydra Tendre is kind of expensive, though (219 DDK = 38.86 USD; but skincare products seem genreally more expensive in Denmark). The seller (who is also "my" cosmetician) said it would last around 3-4 months. We'll see about that, hehe smile.png. It's not made for acne-prone skin or with the purpose of reducing acne, but it did in my case.

HOW TO USE IT: wet your face with water. Squeeze out an amount about the size of a nail and begin to spread it around your face with circular motions. Wash off a minute or two later with water.

I just realised this seems like I'm trying to sell it. I'm not. I just wanted to say that it works for me, and therefore may work for someone else as well. But ask for a sample first, for your own wallets sake wink.png.

Btw, this is not a drugstore product. I bought it at my nearby cosmetician.

Now I just need to find my perfect moisturizer..

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Haha I'm in testing mode with one right now! I have the Clarins Cleansing Milk w/ Alpine Herbs. While I usually feel repulsed by cleansing milks I really like this one. I am hoping it works out, I got a 17 oz bottle as gratis since I work there. But so far I am loving it :)

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