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Huge Thing Under Eye!?!?!?!?!?

I hope i'm doing this right, I'm just in a panic

If it matters, I finished coming off a 3rd (i think) cycle of Solodyn

One half of my face is pretty good i would say, and my forehead is Ok other than a cyst im considering popping. The problem is on the right side of my face, as right under my eye, I have a huge thing ( I have no idea what it is) about the size of a small cheeto

(see image) It doesn't hurt unless i touch it, in which case it hurts a bit, and just recently started turning red. I felt it a few days ago but it was barely noticable, and now, It's become way more visible, gotten redder and more visible (pretty hard to happen considering im black -___-) and protruded more outwards. I'm not even thinking about popping this but I just want the swelling/redness to go down WTF do I do?

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I had exactly the same thing on my cheek... It was really small at first and color wasn't red at all. After 2 weeks, It started getting bigger and bigger and it turned so red and disgusting... I got my first cortisone shot 2 days ago and it looks a bit better now. Size went down completely although I can still feel the cyst inside it. As for color, its kind of dark brownish right now. Its better than being red but... huge dark brownish spot on my cheek... its not a fun experience.

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omg it's like i made the first post! scary stuff

i have had one of those under each eye in the past 6 months

i actually quit my martial arts class because of the last one

and now i have the crazy huge red marks/scars that will probs take year to fade :(

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