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The Way I Was Supposed To Live

So here's a little background... I started my accutane course last February and it ended in July 11'. I have suffered from acne since I was 13 and it was persistent and a deterrent in my everyday life. I have been through and felt everything any of you reading this has felt. I suffered from self disgust, to frustration, to self pity. Like many of you and not to sound like a broken record but I tried EVERYTHING. I tried the creams, to the vitamins, to even having 6k laser treatment and in the end they ALL failed and my acne always came back making me feel even more defeated than before. So when I finally came across the information on accutane I read and did my homework and I too had many fears, I read all the horror stories along with the positive stories and well I figured one more product couldn't hurt since I’ve tried all the rest. Taking accutane was hands down ONE of the best decisions I have ever made. It completely gave me back my life. It broke all the self restrictions I had set for myself, it helped me regain and grow back my confidence and it helped me to find my true self, not the front I had to show to the everyday world, not the me I had to make myself be but the real me. Just know that MOST people do go through the initial outbreak but WHO CARES, I mean sure it feels awful in that time and moment but wouldn't you sacrifice a month or 2 with breaking out bad if it meant that you would regain yourself after that chaos. Since the end of May this year I had not one breakout. As the days and months go by I still have not one breakout and my scars are fading by the day. I feel so grateful and happy. I honestly live my life with a different attitude now. I no longer have to wake up each morning in fear that I may have a new breakout, I no longer have to face the everyday world with shame or embarrassment. The physical aspect and beauty aspect aside, I can now look in the mirror and not hate what I see and not feel like I don't see me. I can look in the mirror and see only my face, the way it was meant to be and supposed to be. Accutane turned my life around completely and yes I did go through the symptoms, I had sore bones for a while and I went through nose bleeds and my lips were dry as hell but all that went away in the end and now I am able to enjoy the outcome of accutane with no further side effects. I just wanted to come back and post about how accutane can help any and everyone, we all are different so medicine effects all of our bodies differently but just know that you'll never know until you take the risk. All the positive stuff aside we all need to keep in mind that we sometimes have more to our stories than just acne, my meaning is even after we can find our fix to get rid of our acne we still suffer from our own dissatisfaction with ourselves, we have to learn to except ourselves as we are even after the acne is gone. I hope some of you find comfort in this post and know that at the end of that dark tunnel, as dumb as it sounds is a light. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and there is no amount of money that could have made me feel this way.

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its really amazing to hear stories like this, this drug has two completely different sides to it... I'd say the majority of experiences are definitely ultra positive life changing ones. this is making me so excited to finish my course :)

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