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hey guys

i see myself prettier without makeup and i dont apply that much

and apply my foundation perfectly( i receive compliments on how i apply my foundation perfectly )

and my skin is one of the worst, i have icepick scars on my cheeks near my nose on both sides and on all over my forehead and boxcar scars on the lower part of my cheeks on both sides and discoloration and inflamed active acne and black circles under my eyes.

i find that my scars are less visible without make up, but make up helps cover the discoloration

and i even look prettier without make up in photos than with make up on

i have to wear make up, i live in a culture where women wear make up a lot

is that weird ? and how can i wear make up without feeling less prettier

thank you in advance

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It's not weird, I'm sure there are other people who feel this way, too. I'm the opposite, I feel less attractive without makeup, but I think I've been trained to think that way by society (I blame society for everything :lol: ).

The most you can do aside from just refusing outright to wear makeup and telling everybody to suck it up because it's your life, is to wear the absolute minimum. Or you could just wear some colour on your lips and give the impression that you are wearing more makeup than you actually are.

If you're worried about the discolouration, you could just use some kind of powder foundation with lighter coverage instead of something liquid/heavier. That way you won't feel like you're wearing a face full of slap but you won't feel over-exposed.

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I'm sorry - I'm not sure what the point of this thread is.

If you feel you're prettier without makeup, then I have no idea why you wear it. Most people here wear it to gain confidence in public / social situations and would rather not wear it if they didn't feel the need. No one expects girls to wear makeup. That's absurd.

If you like how you feel without it, then, by all means, don't wear it! I'm sure most of us wish they had that "problem" ;)

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"the problem" is i need to wear make up! i live in a culture where make up is important to look perfect or whatever, and my skin need it more to look better (believe me its one of the worst), maybe i'm a weird person i look at beauty from a different perspective than others and i usually get into a huge arguments with friends on beauty.

so yeah i need an advice on a foundation or a technique to wear make up and at the same time looks natural as if i'm not wearing anything

thanks for passing by

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Ahh, I see. I didn't really understand that you wanted makeup advice.

Honestly, it depends on who you ask. Many guys say they prefer girls not to wear it, they like natural beauty. If your friends are telling you that you need to wear makeup, then they're the ones with a problem, not you! I forgot where but I read something that said females, deep down, don't dress or wear makeup or lose weight to impress men - they do it for other women. Many of us females compare ourselves to each other instead of accepting who we are.

My opinion on makeup is this, if you feel confident in yourself and can talk to others without being self-conscious of your skin, why wear it? If you think a lack of confidence and self-consciousness is holding you back and it helps to wear it, wear it!

Anyway, there are a lot of threads here with great tips. Everyone has different opinions and it takes time to find out what works best for your own skin but I think you can find something that works for you if you wish to use makeup

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i totally agree that women dress or try so hard to impress other women because (in general) they are so judgmental and they will just throw words at you without thinking about your feelings

like once i was going out with my aunt and cousin, and me and my cousin we were like wearing short shorts and not appropriately and so my aunt told my cousin to change her clothes,and so this cousin was like why her ( me ) can wear it and not me.

and my aunt calmly said : who would want to see her disgusting face (i had severe acne back then and i thought no one noticed it cos no one ever mentioned it, i was young- 13/14)

and i was really shocked, i died inside.

and you know how teenage girls are all about beauty and feeling beautiful, it was a shock, cause that was the first time i really felt people notice my acne, and i received that in a bad way.

but men, are much different, they will atleast pick the right words, i remember someone telling me you have a tired skin, he made me take more care of my face and at the same time not saying it in an offensive way.

Even my father when he talks about my acne he's extra polite and careful not like my mother :( she hurts my feeling even though she's not planning to.

REAL men are the best, they really care about women feelings, and i don't really think they care if a women has acne or not.

my friends say nothing about my acne, sometimes i just feel that i dont have acne when i'm with friends, even my family, but my aunts, cousins, extended family i sometimes feel that they're staring at my acne ( i dont blame them, i live in an area as mentioned before where acne is quite rare) and make up is really important :(

i tried lancome which is quite good but it doesn't look natural for every week with my extended family

bare minerals makes my skin look even worse and made me itchy

mac broke me out


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