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Hey guys this is my first post on here im just kinda needing some support.

My names Alex from Vancouver Canada, and i have had bad cystic acne since i was the age of 16 all over the back face and now shoulders and chest. My life was going well until this all started. I lost friends because anti social and just started to become depressed. i am now 19 and My face is mostly clear due to 4 Photo dynamic Therapy's sessions. I have learned to live with my back and chest over the years i will not take my shirt off, i am about 130 pounds played hockey for 13 years now so ive had to live with keeping my shirt on. i have rolling scars about the face on the sides of my face kinda like just over the skin red marks. But the cystic acne is coming back not that bad but it is. and i have tried everything possible in the past 3 years to clear it up , benzyol peroxide , clindamyscin tazorac , retin A , just everything a dermatologist has to offer except accutane. I was about to take it at the beginning the summer i had everything ready but the it is not worth the risk to take a chance with that medication I understand it does miracles for most people but its not worth it for me. im now on minocylin i have about 10 pills left it has helped minimal. my acne is under control I will get 2 cysts a month but when they come they normally scar and thats what bugs me. Getting to my point of paralyzed. I have always had bad anxiety but when you mix that with acne it is a lethel combination, it has made me severely depressed as well. my skin on my face might look good to you but try telling my mind that u could tell me a million times and it wont believe it. I feel like im trapped in the house i feel like im still stuck at 15 years old i wanna do things i wanna go out but like i said i feel like im paralyzed i leave the house maybe 5 times a month sometimes i dont even wanna go to hockey and if i do i have trouble looking people in the eyes. I dont have my license yet nor a job i feel like im wasting my life . like im going mental i will stay up till 4 every night and sleep till 2 in the afternoon because i have nothing to look forward to and over the past month i have had traits of ocd ill check to see if the door is locked 3 times a night as well as obsessive looking in the mirror. But ya guys i didnt mean to right to much but Im just looking for some advice Im a bright kid i lost my mom when i was 7 so that didnt help growing up, i dont really have anyone really thats there for me i dont think anyone will understand, and also I started to go to mental health today to get some help I also went to counseling about 6 months ago and it didnt help.

any advice would be great weather its with my acne or my mind.


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Well the good side is that the acne is under control and not as bad as it has been in the past.

Have you asked your dermatologist to maybe prescribe some kind of treatment that works specifically on your scars rather than just your acne, as considering your acne is under control, whatever the dermatologist gave you appears to be working, which is good.

I know how you feel, having acne depressed me no end. My friends would invite me places and I wouldn't go because I'd be too embarrassed for them to see. One thing you MUST understand is that not only are you not alone, but your face will always look illuminated and whatever scars and acne on it will always look heightened to YOU, because it is YOUR face and your insecurity. Likelihood is that it isn't anywhere near as bad as you perceive it.

I think it's a big confidence thing; you should challenge yourself; make goals. Go out, 3 times a week, even if it's for a walk to the store or go for a run (exercise is good for stress, anxiety and the skin too), start driving lessons, that's another awesome way to get out the house.

Once you begin to step out of your comfort zone and get out there, it becomes easier to go out and begin to live again; plus you begin to realise that acne does not have to disable you.

Every time I'm having a downer about my skin, my mum reminds me about the story of a girl in the UK called Katie Piper, a model and aspiring TV presenter who had acid thrown over face on the street.

Seeing the scars she has, puts acne into serious perspective; and although it took her years she is now able to leave the house confidently as she has learnt to value her life more than her face.

I know it's not the same scenario and everyone deals and handles things differently, but once you realise you are more than you're face, you'll be able to start living and appreciate things a lot better.

Best wishes.


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Hello there!

One supplement I've found excellent is Ashwagandha. It's an adaptogenic herb which really helps with anxiety and also relieves stress and fatigue. Ashwagandha also supports immune system and it's anti-inflammatory - I've found it to help with the inflammation and irritation caused by acne. I take 1 capsule 2-3 times a day on empty stomach. I would recommend trying it out.

Also, good diet and regular exercise are always helpful. Don't give up the hockey!

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