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Here We Go Again

hi everyone

at one point (about 5 years ago) i was very active on these boards, i had moderate, persistent acne and took accutane 30mg for 8 months to clear it. ihad tried just about everything prior to that and had been on antibiotics for about 4 years. accutane worked wonders, i didnt really have an IB as such and was clear by month 3. since finishing ive had odd breakouts now and again, usually at times when ive been a bit stressed out, but nothing too devastating. however, im now 24, and topicals arent doing much right now. my skin seems to be getting oilier again and ive had cysts recently. so...looks like im going back to accutane.

im in the UK and see a derm privately. i did see a derm on the NHS for a while but even after 4 years of pills and topicals, birth control, light treatment etc he still was reluctant to give me accutane as, at the time of seeing him, i didnt have any cysts just inflammatory acne. private derms are pretty expensive. the guy i see is pretty cool and cuts his prices for us paupers (students) which is decent of him.

i finish my degree and qualify come januray and it would be such a relief to be going to job interviews without stressing about the state of my skin. we've all been there right?

so i seee my derm on thursday. hes pretty pro-accutane and i dont think ill have any trouble starting tane again with him. i think starting at a real lose dose like 10mg might be the way to go and build up from there. i'll get my blood tests done through my GP.

has anyone had experience of 2 courses? how has the second compared to the first? my acne now isnt as bad as it was before i started my first course, so im unsure if i should do a lower dose and that will be fine, or stick with a regular course and hope its the last time i need to be popping pills for my skin.

acne gets old damn quick doesnt it?!

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I've done 3 courses in my life. For me, accutane has never been a cure.......my acne always comes back. I decided it was time to try the one and only thing I have never tried before: Diet.

I have persistent mild acne. I started breaking out when I was 12 years old. I'm now in my 40's. I'm on the clear skin diet (low glycemic foods, tons of vegies, lean meats, no dairy, no sugar, no processed foods, 8 hours of sleep and exercise regularly) and after 5 weeks I'm about 95% clear (I have some old tiny blackheads that are starting to surface due to the retin a). I'm confident that diet is the cure for me. It's been 7 days since I've had a pimple. That's like a miracle for me. My skin is super soft and all the red marks finally have a chance to fade since I'm not getting any new pimples. I still continue to use retin a micro (.025%), the lowest dose.

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hey cln

wow awesome to hear you've had success with changing your diet! i eat pretty well but i definately see changes in my skin if i strat eating processed food, like microwave meals, or have too much sugar. i dont think it is the 'cure' for me, i tried a super strict diet similar to what you described and although i think it did have some impact on my skin, it didnt stop me breaking out. i guess its different for everyone. after three courses of accutane and many years of dealing with acne you more than deserve clear skin!!!

can i ask...when you took accutane did if work for you? i get that in terms of long remission obviously not, but at the time?

i had great success with accutane the first time i took it and my skin is definately different now, i dont break out like i used to. its just so persitent.

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