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Hi all,

I've posted on here before about my acne history (see: "It Came out of Nowhere" on the Emotional/Psychological threads), and after seemingly developing moderately severe acne all of a sudden, I'm now the clearest I've been in months.

For anyone in the TORONTO (Canada) area, I HIGHLY recommend the Acne Treatment Clinics: http://www.acnetreatmentclinic.com/

They are certified dermatologists who specialize in acne care. They take OHIP and there is an additional $30 charge on top of that for additional services. All of the prescriptions I've had have been covered by my benefits drug plan. I have no affiliation with them or reason to promote them beyond gratitude and satisfaction with their care.

I went 2 weeks ago and I've been amazed at the results. They spend a good chunk of time doing your initial consultation (30-45 mins) and come up with a personalized plan for you. They are very respectful of different approaches to acne treatment. For instance, I said that I don't want to go on birth control or Accutane and the derm said "It's your body! I can present several different options, but it's most important that you're comfortable with your treatment plan. We're gonna get you clear, it might just take a little longer with some plans. And that's fine" This was a welcomed response after my family doctor's comment months ago of "You don't want to go back on the pill? Well I don't have a magic wand that can make your acne go away!" Additionally, the treatment plan I've been given is safe to continue long term and if/when I become pregnant.

They also provide injections to reduce any active pimples you have (down within 24-32 hours). The first time I went, he did 11. Two weeks later, I only had 1 for him to do. Right now we're just working on healing my face and minimizing scarring. My skin looks dramatically better and with make-up (Almay concealer and Clinique powder) on, my acne is barely noticeable and I feel WAY more confident again.

Anyway, I really recommend the clinic. If you're interested in what they did for me, I've posted it below.

What my family doc had me doing:

- Minocycline

- Steivamycin (spot treatment)

- Differin at night

- A morning cortisol cream that I can't remember the name of

What the derm at the Acne Treatment clinic recommended:

- Stop using Spectro Gel and start washing with Dove sensitive skin bar soap.

- Stop using moisturizer. Only use SPF 45 sunscreen (Neutrogena Ultra Sheer) on days when I'm outside a lot.

- Stop using all of the topical creams from family doc.

- Stop using Body Shop make-up products (including their Tea Tree Toner/Make-Up Remover). The natural oils can be acne-causing.

- Continue on minocycline for a few more weeks

- Use Benzaclin (prescription) topically at night.

What he added today after my 2nd appointment there:

- Wean off the Benzaclin. Just put it on for a couple of hours at night and wash off before bed. Eventually I won't need it at all.

- Apply Vitamin A acid (prescription compound cream) overnight.

- Wean off Minocycline in the next couple of weeks.

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