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2 Months Into Regimen... Still Not Clear

the regimen helped me recover from moderate to mild acne after 2 months. been applying without missing a day but still retaining mild acne + a fair bit of what appears to be scare tissue.

1) would jojoba oil / any other product facilitate their recovery. what can be done?

2) how to prevent the mild outbreaks? Would AHA be a worthy purchase for this task? It seems only 2-3 manifest at any time of day, compared to 8-12 several months ago.


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An AHA lotion would be helpful in the recovery of PIH (Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) caused by a breakout. But, Benzoyl Peroxide will do a better job in preventing acne from appearing, so keep going with it!

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I am almost on my third month and my moderate acne breakouts have NOT improved any, they just have moved to a different area, around my ears and on either side by my chin. I am using the whole 80$ deal, cleanser BP moisturizer AHA and jojoba oil. Nothing yet. That's my luck. Perhaps acne really is a sign of internal inflammation..I am going to keep at this regimen just cause...well, just becasue. Seeing as it obviously isn't giving me results. When I move out in August, I am going to try the Acne No More treatment. Even though Dan says that almost no one CAN'T NOT experience clear skin with his regimen.....

:[ very discouraged.

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