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Have I Ruined My Skin? Tca Cross Disaster! *with Pics

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From what I see in the pics, it's exactly how it's supposed to look like. I haven't been in here for a long time but I was a regular for a while. I did the cross myself 3 times (with 100% TCA) in 2006-2007 and I'd say there's at least a 50% improvement! I also did a few 12-15% TCA peels. I have to say that the improvement continued since, in the years following so I'm considering doing another 2-3 rounds of cross. It's a painfully SLOW process so understand the hysteria esp when it looks somewhat worse at first. I do believe that the younger you are, the better the results and probably somewhat faster too but it's still slow so be patient, people.

The only side effect that I have from it is that the spots where I did the cross have lost pigmentation but better that than holes in my face (and I am fair skinned btw).

I'm very glad I didn't do all kinds of laser treatments and other extreme stuff that was mentioned at the time.

Be patient.

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It's VERY important to treat just 2 or 3 test scars in the first TCA CROSS session to see what happens, especially if it is a self-treatment. This is basic information.

Nobody should try this procedure at home before reading a lot about it.

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