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Huge Cyst- How To Get Rid Of It?

Hey, so I've always had mild to moderate acne, with my skin complexion overall good with a couple bad pimples a month that I try not to obsess over. Recently, I've been extremely stressed with school, and I saw a pimple starting to come out. I left it alone, but day 4 and it came out as a huge pimple. I mean huge, no exageration! It's very weird, because its a cyst for sure, but there's no swelling around it and the pain is minimal. I've been trying to leave it alone, but I have two big presentations this week and I can't even cover it, it's so big that people can't help but look... I am definitely an obsessor when it comes to my skin, and I don't even want to leave my room. Is there any suggestions to get rid of it fast?? Or how to cope with this? It's devastating and I'm getting really down.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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try turmeric

i swear its the best thing i have ever tried for cysts, the mega huge ones

first take it orally. drink a teaspoon to a tablespoon in warm water

then apply some onto the lesion itself

careful it stains!!

i have been completely astounded at how well and quickly it works

plenty of sucess stories on the internet on using turmeric for cysts

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thats ok that you dont have a derm most of them are willing to accept new patients. go through the phone book and call a ton of different ones. i bet somebody can squeeze you in.

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