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The Sun?

Okay so I am 50% spanish and 25% italion the rest is irish, so basically im am like garenteed to tan. I usaully get really tan in the summer, but now what about this upcomming summer? Im am probably still going to be on Dan's Regimen and im going to wear sunscreen but will I tan or will my skin stay the way it is now( not tan, kinda a faded tan almost white) its winter here.

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It's tough to really say. The first summer that I hit actually burnt me for the first time ever. I'm White and Korean. Normally I tan every summer without trying, it just happens. But after being on BP and hitting my first summer, I burnt. In the end I did get color though. It was just weird that I got burnt. lol.

This past summer I didn't get burnt. Everything was normal. I got my normal tan. The only thing that I changed was my SPF. I applied it more often this time. The bottle says 30 minutes before you hit the sun and an hour after that. So I stuck to that.

p.s...Texas here by the way.

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I think you'll still tan. It depends on how strong your SPF is and how long you stay in the sun for. But yeah, if you're using BP during the day (and/or AHA), definitely don't go out without some sort of SPF. Even with olive skin, it burns!! This is from my experience using AHA without sunscreen. Ouch. But then we are supposed to have the highest skin cancer rate in the world (thanks to a giant hole in the ozone above us), so I think our UV is pretty extreme.

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