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(Another post from me, I'm afraid!)

I eat a lot of tomatoes - as in a lot of tomatoes every day. I would say from 500g - 1kg every day with my steamed vegetables.

At the moment, I'm in the process of examining everything within my lifestyle (from topicals to diet to routines) to identify trigger points and eliminate them so that I can work on my skin to try and one day, be make up free.

I'm wondering whether my tomato consumption, as they can be quite acidic, could be causing inflammation and potentially acne?

As a side note, I have had to eliminate citrus fruits and apples as consumptions was leading to pustular acne.

Has anyone got any first hand experience of tomatoes being linked to their acne or perhaps any information that indicates a link?


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Yes, I know for sure that I am intolerant to tomatoes. I get an especially bad reaction eating raw tomatoes. My face becomes flushed and I get breakouts within 12-24 hours. Cooked tomatoes (as in a tomato sauce or something) are a little bit better, but I really try to avoid all tomato products. I know I don't do too well with eggplants either, so I definitely think it's the nightshades that are a problem for me.

Except for squeezing some lemon juice in my water everyday, I don't really consume a lot of citrus fruits. I do eat about 2-4 apples a week though, and they seem to be okay.

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