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Probiotics Anyone? :)

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-I'm currently on antibiotics.

-Antibiotics will cease to work in a few months.

-I'd like to switch to Probiotics.

-If possible, only using foods high in probiotics.

-I'd like to avoid a pill, if at all possible.


-list foods high in probiotics!

-Are high probiotic foods enough, or is a pill 100% necessary?

-How should I make the switch? (Lengths of time)

-How exactly should I ween off antibiotics?


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Foods with probiotics include fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kefir.

Check out the body ecology diet by Donna Gates for some great resources for fermented foods.

BUT...take a probiotic! New Chapter makes a great Whole Foods based supplement.

Check it out here: http://www.prasadabeauty.com/prod_one.cfm?id=1148&catid=1040&srow1_holder=0


Alexandra Shepherd, MPH

Holistic Health Coach & Yoga Instructor

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Sauerkraut, kefir(milk or coconut milk), kimchi, pickles (not from brine) and some other misc foods.

But you really shouldn't fear or be apprehensive taking a probiotic supplement, especially because many of them include bacteria that isn't included in food fermentation (lacto-fermentation.) There's dozens of strains of bacteria in your gut and most occupy different areas of the gut as well. You want a high-quality probitoic with multiple strains of bacteria in high amounts. There's several brands that are designed to be bile-resistant and so more of the probiotic bacteria may actually colonize your intestinal tract over probiotic foods.

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I used to make homemade kefir from raw milk, but that became too labor intensive once I moved to college. I've cut out most dairy from my diet anyway. So now I eat mostly fresh sauerkraut and kimchi which I both really like. I get them from the store unpasteurized.

Any opinions on fermented soy products like miso, natto, and tempeh? They have probiotics too, but is soy still an issue even though they've been fermented?

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