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Lactic Acid Or Mandalic Acid?

Which do you guys think is more effective for getting rid of post acne pigmentation?

I have darker skin and my pigmentation marks are dark brown to black. Any help??

Plus, have any of you heard of the Skin Doc's range?? I was contemplating trying their SD White advanced brightening complex. http://www.skindoctors.co.uk/products/sd-white-50ml

Any suggestions or reviews on the product??

Please help!


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i have not used lactic acid but i use mandelic acid all the time and it doesnt do much for my brown/pink marks. i use the mandelic acid mainly to help keep my skin clear. i have heard great things about lactic acid though. when i was younger i used glycolic acid alot on my marks and it worked pretty well and i have heard tca works good too.

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:-) Thanks Karen...

It's so frustrating, I've done so much research and so many reviews and now I don't know which to try.

I don't want to waste my money on something that's ineffective and I don't want to irritate my skin by using too many various products, but I'm borderline desperate for some kinda solution...

Don't know what to do anymore :-(

*btw, those funny whistling faces are supposed to be smiley faces lol


Um, btw, what's tca??

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yeah its hard to figure out which is best but if you go to the makeup artists choice website you can get sample sizes really cheap. its a good way to try out some peels without spending a lot of cash. TCA is Trichloracetic Acid and its more of a deeper type of peel so you would want to start with say 20-30% glycolic first and then work your way up to the TCA. I would only apply the peel to your darker marks for now at least that is what I do.


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nah it doesnt hurt too bad at all. it mostly just stings, its more annoying than anything else. you can do the spot peels like once a week or so.

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