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The Regimen - 3 Years On And Couldn't Be Happier :)

Hi everyone, I haven't been on the forum for a while now but thought I'd write a post to encourage other Regimen users. I started using the Regimen (regular cleanser + Dan's BP + regular moisturiser) in January 2009 and nearly 3 years have passed - 3 years of living without acne, that is!!! I never had severe acne to start with but my acne problem was the bane of my existence and had a definite impact on my self-confidence. I could never go out without makeup and if I ever slept over at a friend's place, I'd leave my makeup on all night - I think you got the idea! Since my skin became clear thanks to the regimen, my life has become so much EASIER.

I can pop out to the grocery without spending 10 minutes putting foundation on; I can do a sleepover without having to worry about being seen without makeup; I can go swimming and do outdoorsy stuff without worrying about my skin - in short, I can forget about acne and just get on with my life! I also recently got married and on our honeymoon in Thailand, I could enjoy watersports without worrying about my makeup melting - it was so liberating.

I'd love to encourage those of you who are currently doing the Regimen. It takes patience and may not work for everyone but is well worth the effort!!! Please feel free to ask me if you've got any questions :)

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hey! so happy to hear its worked for you :) would you recommend dan's products or would other ones work just as well? and how long does it take for the regimen to work and for you to see results??

thank you :)

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