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Sulphur, Garlic Pills.... May My Success Be Yours, Too.

I've had almost all the acne there is to have at one point or another. Mostly uninflammed bumps, with a few reddened whiteheads, and lots of smaller/midsized blackheads.

I started on proactiv forever ago, and the only product that I could consistently count on was the sulphur mask they have. Infact, even though I've long since stopped proactiv, I continue to buy the mask from amazon.com. the only problem was that I can't use this product too often or my skin gets very tight and very dry. and I've found this to be the same with any sulphur containing acne medications.

I started taking garlic pills for what I thought might be a small intestinal case of candida, which may also have been causing my acne. (turns out my acne is NOT fungal as it did not respond to pyrithione zinc and that other keto, whatever even though it looks JUST like it.) Within 4 days of taking double the reccomended ammount of garlic pills all my major acne had gone away. It could be the sulphides in the garlic or the antibacterial properties of the Allicin that the garlic may contain. But either way there is no doubt in my mind that this is what is working for me. and will continue to work as long as I continue to take them.

I was always looking for a way to use more sulphur without over drying and these pills do just that.

Here is my very minimal regimen:

Keep in mind my skin tends to be oily

- 2 garlic pills in the morning (500mg pill, 1250mg concentrated, brand is Nature Made Odor Control)

- lightly wash 2 or 3 times daily with just warm water, occasionally using baking soda or a wash cloth as a scrub if i feel it necessary

- apply tea tree oil like an astringent after each wash

- 2 garlic pills at night

if I feel the need to moisturize (I usually don't, I've just always found it to cause more acne in the end) I will use a light ammount of AHA at night. I have just recently bought Paula's choice 2% BHA lotion to help with the blackheads, as the garlic does nothing for those. I'm adding this step after the tee tree oil and I am hoping that will really put the finishing touches on my skin.

Through all that, my point is just this...

If sulphur in any form has worked for your acne in the past, you may seriously want to consider trying to add garlic pills to your regime. It certainly can't hurt. I know it can be extremely drying to use sulphur on a daily basis, but with the pills you avoid all of that yet experience all the benefits.

I am very interested in hearing anyone elses stories of use of sulphur or garlic pills.

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