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Broken Skin Didn't Scab...

Long story short- I got an eyebrow wax while on Accutane. I know you're not supposed to get waxed but I thought hardwax would be okay. The sign in the spa said "If you're on Retin-a, antibiotics, blah blah...or Accutane, ask for hardwax." Wouldn't that indicate that hardwax was safe for Accutane? Supposedly it's gentler....:/

Anyway, I feel really stupid because my skin was ripped up. One side is much worse than the other.

I expected it to scab but it didn't. This happened last night. I woke up this morning and the second layer of skin seemed to fuse almost with the first layer. It flat now but it's very red, you can see where the skin was torn :(

Is it going to scab? Is it going to scar? Is it normal for the first layer to even out with the second layer? I've been putting green tea on the area.

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I can't say for sure, but I had a bad experience with an eyebrow wax where they ripped my skin off. It was completely raw. I still have redness where the skin was taken and the skin is kinda shiney. It's not super noticeable, especially with makeup on. So it's possible you will end up with the same outcome, it's really not that bad. I've been using Meladerm on it to try to reduce the hyperpigmentation.

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Update: Skin is completely back to normal

Saturday- Skin is ripped.

Sunday- Skin is raw.

Monday- Skin hardens

Tuesday- Skin turns into a scab.

Wednesday- Still a scab. Parts of it fall off later on. Skin underneath looks perfect.

Thursday- Scab comes completely off. Skin underneath is perfect. No scarring. No pinkness.

Thank you, God [:

You can't even tell something went wrong there xx

Moral of the Story- NO WAXING ON ACCUTANE. NOT EVEN HARD WAX. Absolutely no tugging or pulling of skin in any way on Accutane.

Healing time: Approx. 5 days

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Do you think the healing time would be the same but if you have broken the skin by squeezing? It's very red and raw I did it Sunday night and it's Tuesday. I can feel it tightening and it's hard but not raised

What do you think?

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