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I thought I might add a little update to a post I made about my "allergy" to benzoyl peroxide.

I decided like a day after I made that post to purchase the AcneFree Severe system. I don't have anywhere near "severe" acne, but from all the reviews I read from a couple different sites, it sounded like it was actually making a difference in other people's skin. *NOTE* I had used the regular AcneFree system in the past, but it was when I think i was sixteen, and I stuck with it for MAYBE a couple weeks and got frustrated and gave up.

The reason I first used it back then was because when i was fifteen, a friend of mine, who also had acne prone skin, was telling me how she had gotten a system called ProAcne. This was right about the time ProActiv was getting really popular.

She said she didn't really plan on using it, so if i wanted it i could have it.

I tried it and in like a week, my skin was completely clear! I never had a better day than i did on my sophomore year picture day. My skin was GLOWING. Considering i was so self conscious in eighth and ninth grade, this was such a blessing.

Well, the three step system eventually ran out, and so i went to the store looking for more. Couldnt find it anywhere. I even went online to see if I could order it, and i found a blog in which i read that the company had discontinued ProAcne because, apparently, it was too closely named to ProActiv. They said MOST of the ingredients would be the same, but it would now be called AcneFree.

So i bought it, and i was completely disappointed and had terrible skin for the rest of my sophomore year.

So anyway, buying the AcneFree Severe system four years later made me nervous, especially since it has a BP step, and my skin has a bad reaction to BP, but i thought why not. WHY the heck not.

So, that was like two weeks ago now. My regimen has been:


Wash with Avon ClearSkin 2% SA Face Wash

Wash again with AcneFree BP Face Wash

Tone with AcneFree Toner

Apply Cetaphil Restoraderm Moisturizer for Atopic Skin

Take one 100 mg Doxy


Avon ClearSkin SA Wash

AcneFree BP Wash

AcneFree Toner

Let Toner dry completely, then apply thin layer of AcneFree Retinol Complex

Wait for THAT to dry, put thin layer of either Neosporin or Mederma for scars/red marks.

Now, i dont know if its the Doxy suddenly kicking in, or the added AcneFree steps in my regimen, but my skin looks sooo much better just in the last two weeks. All the breakouts i was having on my jawline have completely disappeared, and the only thing plaguing my mind (and face) are the red marks.

Anyway does anyone else remember when AcneFree was ProAcne? And did anyone ever use it? It rocked for me, i wish they hadnt changed a thing at all, but honestly i'm feeling REALLY good about the way my skin looks right now, so whether its the Doxy or the cleansers, i dont care! as long as something works!!

** edit **

i said i first used acnefree when i was 16 then i said i used proacne when i was 15...i used both at age 15, first ProAcne, then about two months later AcneFree...sorry i know im confusing haha

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