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Acne - Probiotics And Dan's Regimen

Hi I am 24 years old. I have had acne for like 5 years in the least. Just recently I started supplementing with Dr. Ohhira Probiotics and now its been a month.

My acne significantly improved after started taking this supplement. I was taking very high doses of this supplement. In one week my acne totally reduced and I had acne free skin for 1 week. I usually eat restaurant food(not fast food). Just recently I started eating Mc.Donalds, drinking loads and loads of coffee, drinking coke, eating ice cream from Mcdonalds. I also did not have a good sleep at all because of exams and the stress that I had to do well in exams. I got acne back like 2-3 huge inflamed pimples at a time.

I don't have body acne, acne is only on my face.

But for the past two day I went back to normal eating habits(restaurant food). My acne seem to have reduced and improved. I also reduced the dosage of this supplement recently as well. Started to take the cheaper brands of probiotics with this supplement regularly. Started using 5% BP only on the affected areas.

First question: I have just ordered Dan's BP regimen like 2 day ago, do I have to apply BP to my whole face or just the affected areas?

Second question: Do you think I have a leaky gut syndrome?

note: my constipation has improved a lot since taking probiotics.

Third Question: I have also ordered the AHA+, should I use this product on my face? If I do use it should I apply them straight after I have applied BP? After applying AHA+ should I apply moisturizer on top of it?

Note: I am asking this question because the procedure laid out on Dan's regimen made me confused sorry.

Fourth Question: Just today I started supplementing with colostrum, do you I should stop it or I could keep taking them?

Note: I have read this on a post that it treats my leaky gut syndrome.

Things I already know it is bad and restrict completely from my diet are sugar, coffee, milk and bread. I still eat wheat in an Indian way of making bread. Sugar, coffee, milk and bread are the major culprits for causing my acne. I do eat yogurt without much problems as compared these culprits mentioned above. I don't eat processed foods as well.

Please shed some light on these topics guys and it would be very helpful for me.



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the only thing i can help you with is the question concerning dan's bp. apply to entire face, it will prevent new acne from sprouting up. just make sure you start slow, as in outlined on this site. if you are new to bp you definitely dont want to overdo it. just a thin layer over your face should be fine, and dont rub it in...just spread a thin layer over your entire face and let it dry.

the AHA you use on your face, i have it as well... i dont really know how to use it to its full potential, i would usually rub it in to my face and wait an hour or so and then apply the bp, followed by moisturizer.

hope i could help a little!

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Question 1: Apply BP to whole face

Question 3: If you are using Dans regimen, Dan insists that you wait till about 4 weeks too start using it or you will risk really irritating your skin! To use AHA+ you want to use a line down your finger and just dab it on your face just like you would with the BP. Also you apply AHA+ after the BP has dried. You can apply moisturizer after applying AHA but its not required, AHA acts as a moisturizer.

Note: you will feel a burning sensation

Also here is a video on how to apply it

Hope this can help

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