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Acne Clear By Style Health Professional From Bangkok, Thailand


I've started using this product and find it has almst cleared the acne from my face in three days.

I would say that I didn't have severe acne, but persistent spots around my chin(that sometimes got angry and cystic) and white heads around my nose.

Up until now I've used lime juice on my face every second night, drank it in hot water twice a day, sudocreme to treat spots that had opened or were getting sore and when cleaning my face I've had good results from a salt scrub I bought in 7-11 smile.png

OI got a gift of this cream - Acne Clear and have used it for the past three days.

In this short space of thime my skin has become clearer than it has been in a long long time.

But I can't find any onfo about it online and would like to get some feedback based on the ingredients in the stuff.

It's a cream that I apply twice a day. A small tube of the stuff is 400baht(about US$13 or Euro10).

The listed ingredients are -

  • di-water

  • dimethicone

  • carbomet

  • butylene glycol

  • gentamici

  • ticosan

  • salicilic acid

  • methly paraban

  • methylparaben

  • propyl paraben

  • alan tone

The stuff has had great results but I'm trying to figure out if it will just be a short term thing and if it could be causing more long term bad side effects for me.

I'd really appreciate any feedback.



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Just to clarify - I am in no way trying to pimp this cream in order to sell it.

I just want to get some feedback on the ingredients in it from the point of view of is it OK for me to use this on a longterm basis.


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