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Arm Acne

Hey Everyone. I'm 15 and I've had acne for a couple years now. Pretty bad severe acne on my face, and I've been on accutane for 2 and a half months now, with improvements before and barely any at the moment. But now, approaching the winter, I've gotten a TON of Arm acne. Not upper, but lower arm acne. My Upper arm is even worse. My camera doesn't really pick up very much on it, but you get the point. What can I do about this? THANKS!


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Yes we get a point which you want to say..And even your camera also shows the acne in your lower arm...I have saw this and even I also wondered that hows it possible...Normally acne occurs on face but in your case it is on your arms,I am bit confidence that is this acne only or something else..

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Guest pokemonster

exactly what i have too! i really wonder if someone can explain what is this and how its possible, there are not even a hair on my arms..what? i also dont wear no tight clothes or jewelry or wtv..n i dont believe something so trivial can be of significance at least for me, i cant be thaat sensitive to things, im just not, i know it and the same mistery with that i once got pimple on finger, then ofc also earlobes..wtf..

@emma thats actually supercommon here

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