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Confident But Curious...a Newbie To Acne.org

Hey guys,

First post on here, super excited and confident to start the regimen, however, more than a few questions to start me off. Don't want to make this super long, so I'll get straight to it...

1) Am i better off using Dan's products when it comes to effectiveness or are the ones he alternatively recommends just as effective?

2) When increasing the BP dosage, can I do it at my own pace, for example wait till my face is used to the very first dose, and the irritations calms, and then increase little by little? is it even necessary to go the full 2 pumps, if we continue to see results for a prolonged period of time? can we stick to applying it once daily?

3) My current skincare routine is very much associated with anti aging (im only 19, but i dont have the greatest genes and i know its important to start young with sunscreen, etc to prevent premature ageing), can i still continue to use these products whilst on the regimen?

4) I'm happy to stop my make up use for a few months to get the best results as possible results, but every now and then for the odd occasion i expect to wear it, do I have to use a specific make up remover or my usual one is fine?

5) and lastly, whats the deal with exfoliating, i'm seeing some people encourage it and others not as it can cause further irritation, It's one of those weekly habits i find extremely necessary, and I don't know if it will do me any good or not.

sorry for the questions, I'm just fed up with my skin, I had been on duac for 3 years and it was the best thing that had ever happened to me until my acne took over this year and progressed to beyond disgusting. I did try the bp for 3 days and saw a massive improvement but the itching and burning was unbearable, so i stopped but i am ready to start again, and I'm sure its going to be one of those I cant ever stop using, I'm convinced my acne is forever, and i'm fine to use it for the long run but my biggest concern is the ageing and the wrinkles and so forth.

Any advice would be appreciated!!

Thank You

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1. Dans are the best honestly....best ingredients and best price. However, the regimen will still work with recommended products (but not AS well).

2. Just slowly increase the dose every few days. You should be at two pumps in a few weeks. You want to do two full pumps, if you don't then don't complain if your skin doesnt clear up because youre not on the regimen.

3. I don't know what products you are using, but the only extra product you can use is SPF, and make sure it wont clog youre pores. For example, in the morning I wash my face, BP, moisturizer, and then I put on olay spf15 for sensitive skin. Don't use any other anti againg product (like retin a or Vit. A serums)

4, Again youll have to tell us which remover you are using...but jojoba oil is supposed to be great for that

5. How do you exfoliate? I would hold off on exfoliating until your skin gets clear with the regimen. Then you can slowly add things ONE AT A TIME, to see what works and what doesnt. I know its hard, but you should really give the regimen 1-3 months by itself, depending on how fast it works for you.

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1. i think any cleanser works fine (Dan's and the ones he recommends, i use Purpose gentle skin cleanser, but i have the little travel size bottle of dans and i dont think theres a huge difference) for BP and moisturizer though, youre definitely best off with Dan's

2. you can go at your own pace, but i think following the regimen exactly is the quickest way to clearer skin. i use 1 pump because of the dry skin and stuff, but i think im going to try increasing it to 2 (did that with the moisturizer this morning and it worked pretty well)

3. i dont think you should use anything besides regimen stuff and sunscreen. just keep it simple, then once your skin is clear, experiment with other things

4. i leave my makeup on until i wash my face at night. it saves time, and if i take it off before that my face just becomes a mess of either flakes(with towelettes. dont use them, wiping is bad on the regimen) or oil from trying to get it off with jojoba oil.

5. BP is a peeling agent (i read somewhere on this site) so technically you are exfoliating. after 5 weeks is a good time to start using AHA+ (Dan's is the best!)

physical exfoliation is a nono on the regimen - too irritating. i mean, if you have sore pimples on your face, you dont want to rub sand on them (my view of scrubs hehe)

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1. Dan's products are the best. I started with alternatives but Dan's BP is absorbed much much better than the other BP products ive used. This is an important factor when you want to wear foundation over the top.

Blah blah blah, the same as what Maximus and ilovemesomevanity says but I'll add this. I used to be the queen of products. Seriously, my bathroom is full of the most expensive lotions and potions known to man and like you, exfoliating was an important part of my skin routine because I liked how it made my skin feel smooth (well as smooth as it can be while suffering from acne). However when i first read about Dan's regimen and decided to follow it, I promised myself that I would follow it exactly so that I could give the process the very best chance of working. That meant locking away all my other products out of site and only using Dan's products (or the recommended equivalents).

After following the regimen for around 4 weeks I introduced AHA+ (as recommended by Dan) into my regimen and now I'm up to week 10 and I'm completely acne (and blackhead) free with my skin completely soft and smooth. I have never EVER achieved this level of smoothness by using an exfoliator.

So in summary, my very very long reply to your post is, follow the regimen exactly as Dan specifies and you will be rewarded. Don't be tempted to use your existing products or add additional steps into the regimen (like exfoliating) because lets face it...if it had worked in the past you wouldnt be suffering from acne now right? Follow the regimen using Dan's products, use an SPF (I also use Olay Daily Defense) and in 3 months time you will be rewarded for your effort. :)

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