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Poll: How Do You Take Off Your Makeup?

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Yes, I use jojoba only, but I also only wear a very small amount of makeup. I would think if you are wearing more, it would require more than the jojoba (or just a whole lot of jojoba) -- perhaps just taking a page from the OCM and using castor mixed with something?

Jojoba works for me.

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I use Almond oil on a cotton ball to get rid of my eye make up first followed by Dans wash for 10 seconds or less as instructed. I find this gets rid of all my make up nicely. grinwink.gif

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just using my purpose face wash. i don't wear heavy eye makeup, just some mascara. purpose is gentle enough to rub over/around my eyes.

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I use Neutrogena Makeup Remover wipes, the ones that claim to remove 99% of your most stubborn makeup. It works really well, although my face tends to feel really oily after.

I always feel that there is still foundation in my pores or something when I just use water and/or a cleanser.

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Loreal eye makeup remover on a cotton bud (q-tip for the Americans?) for the waterproof mascara. Then olay cleanser for blemish prone skin. Once to remove the make up, and again to get the makeup residues off and actually clean the skin. 2.5% BP, then Olay moisturiser with 4 drops of 3% damask rose essential oil in Jojoba oil to moisturise.

No new pimples show up if I do this, massive breakout in the morning if I don't.

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I use Make Up For Ever's Moisturising Cleansing Cream So Divine, rub that cream gently all over my face. Then soaking the cotton wool in warm water, I gently wipe all areas of my face and you can see all that makeup, dirt and grime come all off. I normally do this process two times to get rid of ALL makeup.

Then I use my regular cleanser (i.e. Froika Hyaluronic Moist Wash) to cleanse my face with lukewarm water.

I then make sure all last traces of dirt and makeup are taken off by applying toner (A'kin Orange Blossom and Chamomile Refreshing and Soothing Toner OR Weleda Refining Toner) on a cotton wool and dabbing it on my face.

Face feels refreshed and squeaky clean without over-drying (as I am on Retin A at the moment)

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hey guys... its a horible dilema as obvs we want to wear makeup to cover the red marks/scars if getting clear however its not recommended.. i havent actually started the regimen yet as live in england and still waiting for products to arrive.. i will be however, not adding things into the regimen, as like dan said this may change the process of how effective it is.. so i'm going to purchase dans jojoba oil or another one off the internet thats 100 percent pure... get a cotton wool pad, apply about 3 drops of jojoba oil to it before i cleanse, lightly dabbing/swipe gently over the face to get the surface muck off. Then wait 10 mins... then cleanse using 2- or even 2 and a half pumps, gently working finger tips over face for 10 seconds.... hopefully this will remove it... the best bet is to wear a sheer foundation that doesnt need much getting off like almay.. if you live in the uk theres a foundation that is a mineral one called bare faced beauty mineral foundation, and its just been released in 012.. its the only mineral foundation in the world that gives amazing coverage but doesnt containt any man made chemicals or irritants like bare minerals does.. it actually clears the skin.. only contains 4 ingrediants and they are just 4 natural minerals.. it sounds too good to be true but the thing is it actually is.... it needs to be released in the US it would make millions of dollars... look on amazon guys as you never know it could be there, but check out their website on google, type in bare faced mineral foundation... stay away from bare minerals... it still contains man made minerals and an irritant.... hope this helped xx

and to remove eye makeup, olive oil is amazing, however be sure to not use alot, and to close the eye for atleast 4-5 mins on each eye to avoid any going in, as can make vision slightly blury for a while, howvever nothing to generally worry about.. visions gets back to normal when u blink a few times... gets rid of everything.. its best to remove ur eye makeup before u remove ur foundation, then go in with the cleanser... xxxxxx

Might aswell give you the link to the website of bare faced beauty mineral foundation http://www.barefacedbeauty.co.uk/detail.asp/c=1/sku=Mineral%20Foundation/Mineral_Foundation by the way i am not connected to them in any way! just trying to help... xx

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