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Hi, let me give you a brief introduction... I am currently 19 years old in college. My acne has gotten so bad I don't even want to show my face. I have been suffering from cystic acne, whiteheads, blackheads, and body acne since the 7th grade.

I have tried everything, the first was 2 years of tetracycline which helped keep the acne down

Then as it progressively got worse, I was prescribed sotret in my junior year of high school. Within 3 months I cleared up completely, it was almost like magic. I was social, always in a great mood, never shied away from pictures, and felt much better. I thought it was finally the end of this cursed condition. Then in 4 months, doctor informed me via blood test my liver enzymes were at a high level and I had to stop completely.

For a year, it was back to suffering. No treatment, nothing. Just topical over the counter stuff found at Walgreens. Mom is a nurse and was furious when she heard my liver enzymes high and did not trust dermatologists after this point.

Since senior year I have gone to the dermatologist myself and they prescribed me minocycline - it kept my cystic acne down but I still had breakouts not as bad as before. My mom found the minocycline and told me to stop taking it immediately because extended use of antibiotics ruins the digestive system, liver, etc.

Now I finally got her attention and she is willing to spend money on surgery. For the body acne scars I can get the injections (forgot what it was called, but works well on me) and for the face the only thing I know of is laser. I heard laser is for scars, not healing of acne.

Does anybody know an effective surgery or a method without ingesting ANY prescription drugs - money is not an object at this point I just want it GONE! I can't live with this anymore it's getting overwhelming. My social life and confidence is suffering just because of a dumb flaw. I also suffer from behind the head scalp acne which i've been using T-Gel.

PLEASE anybody with experiences getting any surgery or finding an effective treatment for severe acne let me know. I don't know what else to do at this point. Thanks

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My heart goes out to you. Mind if I ask you a question? Are you male or female? Because if you're female your acne issues may be due to a condition such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). It messes up your hormones and for some people can cause an array of pretty debilitating problems.

Unfortunately there is nothing I can suggest other than alert you to the potential hazzards of lasers. They are NOT the risk free miracle cure as touted by derms and cosmetic industries. Some say they do nothing - no harm but no good either. Others, however, say that although they may produce results in the short term, in the long term you may see some considerable damage. Personally I'd advise that you stay away from lasers, if only not to waste your money.

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Have you tried seaweed? They sell it as a capsual vitamin as well as a topical treatment. I had terrible acne on my face (cystic on top of cystic) but using the seaweed has taken me down to mild acne with red scarring left from before. As far as I understand the seaweed gives a high dose of minerals as well as reducing information. It's the only thing that has made me really feel in control of my acne. I also have a hand held light therepy device which I use to kill bacteria, can't say I've seen a hugh difference with that, but I havent been using it religiously. I've tried every other over the counter product out there ( I think) in the last ten years, been to dermatoligists ( no help) and tried so many different pills/ tablets, as well as various diets including the apple diet suggested above. The seaweed treatments I use are made by Oxy ( I know they are made for guys but I'm a girl and they still work brill), I own there full Oxy seaweed range ( the light therepy device is part of this range) and they contain no Benzoyl Peroxide or other harsh chemicals so are good for sensitive skin. Hope this may be of some help :)

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This sounds truly awful, I hope I can help!

I am an avid user of Paula's Choice products, which if you haven't tried - you should. The CLEAR range is amazing, and some products are specifically for severe acne.

More importantly though, Paula is a skin care EXPERT, particularly when it comes to acne, and she has great advice to help you make any future decisions on treatment, medical or not. I found her website so useful, when my skin problems first arose.

This is all about cystic acne and your options: http://www.paulaschoice.co.uk/learn/en/skin-problems-solutions/cystic-acne

Milly :)

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