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Does 2.5% Bp Commonly Bleach Facial Hair?

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It has never bleached any of my facial hair, eyebrows or otherwise (yes, I have "otherwise" eusa_think.gif ). I've seen one or two people post about it slightly dying their eyebrows before but generally you're not spreading it on your eyebrows anyways so I wouldn't worry about it.

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It has never bleached any of my facial hair, eyebrows or otherwise (yes, I have "otherwise" eusa_think.gif ).

Bahaha, you're a crack up!

Yup, it bleached my eyebrows a lovely ginger colour. I have very dark hair and eyebrows and apply BP all over my face so it naturally gets pushing onto my eyebrows. I'm careful to wipe it off afterwards but it still bleaches them. I now dye my eyebrows back brown again. In fact if you check out the gallery for my photos you can see my ginger brows in the earlier shots, and in the most recent photos they are back to being brown again :)

I would say that if you have dark hair, then be a little careful with the BP in your hairline.

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I once bleached a stripe somehow in my hair. I actually got complimented on it. It was rather distinguished. Otherwise my eyebrows become suspiciously lighter. Although I haven't quite moved onto the dying my eyebrows stage yet. I'm considering just colouring them in with black texta... wink.png It's never dyed my stubble or beard or whatever, but then I haven't had a permanent beard while doing the regimen.

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My hair is so jet black I could probably take 2 full pumps of Dans BP and use it as shampoo and nothing will happen lol. As for facial hair I put BP on my eyesbrows all the time, noting happens.

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I am now the proud owner of permanently auburn-tipped eyebrows, instead of the usual black. Also, the fine hairs on my hairline have been slowly bleached further back, so it kinda looks like I've got a receding hairline (very attractive on a lady, I know). Sometimes I'm also a little over-enthusiastic with the BP, which results in the occasional pseudo-bald patch in the hairline, or a blonde-streaked highlight. Worth it.

Totally going to consider the permanent marker for my eyebrows though. Mascara is for wimps! wink.png Oooh, and then maybe I'll give myself a different style each week; I'll paint my widow's peak really low onto my forehead, then give myself a moustache or sideburns, the possibilities are endless!

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If I don't shave for awhile it will lighten my beard, but not like til it's blonde, just a lighter brown or light reddish kind of color. And my eyebrows are a little off color since I've been using bp all over. Just the tips cuz I get some in there accidentally pretty much every time. Oh well. Shave often and you won't notice any change in color.

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