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I have been on the regimen for 18 days, would it be okay to try AHA+ my skin has been amazing with BP basically dry skin has not been an issue. My skin seems to be getting used to the BP fast. I just want to try AHA + see how it goes, does that seem okay? I know they say wait a month but i cant! lol

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actually 5 weeks is recommended (not four)

personally, i would wait cuz i had a bad experience with chemically burning my skin (didnt involve AHA, but you cant be too careful, right?)

if you really want to, though, it shouldnt be a huge problem. test it on a small area first though (it says under your jawline, but make sure its a spot that youve been using BP on)

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Mikee, I start AHA+ around the end of week three, but I only used it 3 times per week. And on the first night I tried it only on my forehead first incase my skin reacted. I have to admit that the feeling of irritation was there immediately (burning and itching) but there was no visible signs on my skin. And to be honest, as soon as I started using AHA+ it pretty much immediately got rid of the flaky skin. I still put on moisturiser and jojoba oil over the top of it though before bed.

So if you MUST use it earlier than recommended, then as Ilovemesomevanity said above, try it on a small area first. And dont forget your sunblock cream during the day.

Glad to hear you're not suffering from early irritation of BP. Lucky duck!

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It's in the nature of the product for it to burn so don't freak out. Dan has admitted that you can start it as early as 3 weeks but he recommends waiting until 5 weeks because you don't want to freak out your skin by doing too much at once. Start slowly with it if you decide to do it.

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Well I kinda went against what all you guys said(Did it before I read this lol) I aplied AHA + to my whole face about 3 days ago at night and I didn't really feel that burn sensation, like I did but i swear when I put BP on it burns a lot more. (I kinda like the burning sensation :S) Anyways after I put AHA + on my skin reacted very well to it, it became more red but that is all, nothing serious. I also applied it again last night and the same results notihng to bad. I KINDA felt like my skin was a little bit more even toned but IDK I couldn't really tell. Even though my skin acted very well to AHA I am going to pospone the use of it until i reach my month milestone. Thanks for the help ILOVEMESOMEVANITY, RESERY and COCOBO! Thank you very much.

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