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Dan's Moisturizer Not Cutting It? Solution

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First off, I would like to say that I love Dan's moisturizer. I really do. But I wish that it would moisturize my skin better than it does. I use two full pumps, and still I am dry and get flaky very easily. I know Dan claims that we just need to use more, but what if more does not work? Or what if you can't afford to use 3-4 pumps of the moisturizer twice a day to get the benefits of the moisturizer?

You need to add a second moisturizer to your regimen. This may seem to go against the central tenets of the regimen, but it does not as long as you add an approved moisturizer to your regimen.

I have added equate brand moisturizing lotion (exactly the same as Cetaphil's more expensive lotion) to my regimen and I recommend that you add it if you're experiencing similar difficulties staying moisturized.

Alone Dan's moisturizer isn't moisturizing enough, but alone equate's moisturizer is too thick and greasy.

Solution? When you put them together you get magic. Literally the perfect moisturizer. It does everything Dan's moisturizer claims it does.

The ratio of this combination is important. I use two full pumps of Dan's moisturizer and half a pump of the equate moisturizer. Mix them together, and apply to your face. Twice a day.

I'm interested to see if this solution works for others having similar problems. Respond back with comments, feedback, and if it works for you!

Oh, I almost forgot to address jojoba oil! I don't like it! It doesn't work well with my face, I'm not sure how others feel about it. For beginners of the regimen, I recommend it because the dryness caused by BP is unbareable at first and jojoba will moisturize unlike anything else.

My problem with jojoba oil: it keeps my face moist, causing horrible redness. My hypothesis is that the jojoba oil keeps the BP from fully drying on my face, causing irritation (redness).

I don't use jojoba oil unless it's to rub off dead skin (which I still get regularly even after being on the DKR for a year!)

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Did you ever try adding AHA+? That's what's been really effective for me. Using Dan's moisturizer in the morning and AHA+ at night. No mo' flakes! It's weird that the jojoba oil caused you to feel like your BP wasn't drying all the way though because you have to wait for the BP to dry before you put on moisturizer with jojoba oil...

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I've actually started using AHA+ every night for the past few nights and the results have been awesome. No more flakes so far!

As for the jojoba, I would wait for the BP to dry but the jojoba re-wets it and causes such bad redness for me. So I don't use it ever. I've bought one bottle of it and still have the majority of it. I've been on the regimen for a year now. But I know it works wonders for others and I really recommend it for newbies on the regimen.

Oh, and I still use the combo of Dan's moisturizer and the equate brand moisturizer. His moisturizer just isn't moisturizing enough for me, and I can't afford to use 3-4 pumps every day. 2 pumps causes enough financial strain! Haha. But I love the ingredients in the moisturizer. There really is no other moisturizer out there like it, so I definitely recommend that people on the DKR try it and add the equate to the regimen if they find Dan's moisturizer not cutting it.

But now, adding AHA+ as a nightly moisturizer is doing amazing things for me. So I would recommend that, too. BUT, I wouldn't recommend it for newbies on the regimen. The BP burns the skin enough, so I wouldn't recommend it until your skin has had ample time to adjust to all the dryness BP causes because it can be pretty severe.

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CMichaels, I hear you! I love Dan's moisturiser too, but I don't find it moisturising enough for me at night. I find its ok during the day because after I've done two pumps worth, I follow it up with Olay daily defense for my SPF protection. At night time I pretty much do the same as you, and blend in Cetaphil (about half a pump) with Dan's moisturiser. Cetaphil by itself feels too glucky and thick but mixed with Dans moisturiser its perfect.

I also use AHA+ which has really made my skin smooth and nice over the past month or so, but I wear the above moisturiser combo over the top of the AHA+. Pretty much I wear about 10 thousand layers of BP, AHA+ and moisturiser on my skin before bed ;)

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