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Evening Primrose Oil; Unsafe To Take With Omega3,6,9 And Levothyroxine?

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I'm pretty sure now that my acne must be hormonal for the most part. I have PCOS and endometriosis, in addition to hypothyroidism (for which I take levothyroxine), so am thinking of trying EPO (with lecitihin) as it apparently regulates hormones. However, I take 1.1mg omega 3-6-9 daily, and have heard taking EPO with omega fish oils results in omega 6 overload and actually exaccerbated inflamatory acne.

I did search the forums for answers but found none that related to me specifically so I thought couldn't hurt to ask. Plaese does anyone know is it safe to take EPO together with omega fish oils and levothyroxine?

If not, could anyone recommend another DHT blocker? I have endometriosis and I heard that agnus castus worked well for PCOS alone but accentuated the stomach cramps from the endo. I tried Saw Palmetto for two years as an androgen blocker, I think I quit taking it about 3 years ago because it didn't seem to work. Should I try it again?

Bottom line I just need to know if whatever I take could contraindicate my thyoid meds or whatever else I'm taking.

If you can help, thanks!

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