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Question - Regimen :(

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Hello, I've been reading all the good feed back about this product however after trying so many things over the years I honestly find hard to believe sometimes that anything CAN and WILL work, could any of you here in this board can re-assure me that they have used this and that it truly has worked for them? or what if anything has work for them because I'm honestly going crazy as days go bye I've spend the best years of my life worried about pimples and how I look when I leave the house, and it really just puts my selfsteem to the floor. ANYONE?

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I have suffered from acne since around 16 and I'm now 39. Over the years I have tried everything (or so I thought) that doesnt need a prescription and also a strong antibiotic gel prescribed by my doctor. Nothing worked, and I could never leave the house without make.

Then approx 2 months ago, I googled acne and this site popped up. After reading about Dan's regimen I got very excited, ordered his products and just had a feeling it was going to work. The first two weeks of the regimen was hell. I started too quickly and chemically burnt my skin and then in the second week my face completely broke out and it was worse than it had ever been. But basically what had happened was that all the small bumps that had been under my skin for years came up to the surface as whiteheads, and once they healed around a week later I didnt get any (apart from the odd one or two) new pimples.

Around week 6 I was completely clear of acne for the first time in 15 years and now each week my skin keeps improving as the pigmentation and scaring fade, and the best thing is that I dont get any new pimples so I wont be getting any new scars.

But if you are going to follow Dan's regimen, all I can tell you is to be prepared. In the first month or so, your skin will be red, itchy, sometimes will have a burning sensation, and be very dry and flaky. You have to get past this stage and just persevere with it, and I can promise you, if you follow Dan's instructions exactly, you won't be disappointed. Also be prepared for how time consuming the whole thing is to follow in the morning and evening. Just be mentally prepared and you will be rewarded.

Good luck with it all, and I would love to hear how you get on if you decide to give it a go.

ps. I have photos in the gallery if you want to see some photographic evidence.... They are saved in week order.

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Its the only thing that consistently works for me. I have been on it twice in the past (once for a year, the other for like 6 months) and both times it got me 100% clear...i stopped because I got greedy and wanted to find something that took less time to apply ( you truly have to devote at least 30 min morning and night for this regimen). However, I have realized sacrificing this time is completely worth it. 2 weeks ago I started the regimen, and again it is working its magic. So to answer your question "does it work?" Yes it does, but it also takes time, patience, and commitment

Also...I have learnt to wake up 30 min earlier than I normally would, so now im really not losing time at all :)

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I can testify that the REGIME works if you do it everyday and as directed! I don't have the actual system because just like you i didn't think that it would work. I didn't want to spend anymore money than what i have already. Because I'm 24 and my mother still has acne i was starting to live with the fact that i couldn't control it......but i now know differently! I'm think about purchasing the system because i am going the a lot of Neutrogena On-The-Spot lol. I use Black Soap ($2) to wash my face, Neutrogena On-The-Spot ($5-6) to get "bp" and Olay original($7) to moisturize! I already had the products but i wasn't using them correctly. You can see my pics to see the changes within 2 months!

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