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I Really Need To Get Rid Of My Acne Scars There So Bad

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I would really love if anybody gave me information on the best acne scar removal bleaching creams or anything I need something that is permenant, something that won't allow my skin to change back. Please help i've been suffering with ance for about 3 years I can't take it anymore. I can't stand looking this way while other people look better than me. And my confidence level is so low, I hate looking at myself in the mirror and I can't take pictures that's how bad I look, please help anyone!!

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Bleaching creams are OK for hyperpigmentation. You could use some needling to help your scarring. I've seen some great results with needling. This is not saying it's 100% but it makes a nice difference. Have it done using a manual method using spaced needles. Wait 3-4 months to see if you need it again.

Best Wishes


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We need photos, different treatments work for different scars.

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I've been using Dan's AHA every night for over a year and some of my deepest rolling scars are basically completely gone.

AHA also helps prevent new pimples from forming and effectively fights active ones. It's great (and cheap).

Buy it here: http://www.danielker...uct-p/aha-6.htm

And please remember that constantly thinking about your skin condition, hating yourself, etc., doesn't make your acne go away. The acne is there no matter how much you think it shouldn't be -- might as well enjoy yourself. What are you gonna do if you lose your right hand in a car accident, hate yourself for the rest of your life or enjoy yourself despite your handicap?

I personally cleared up my cystic acne by eating a paleo diet heavy in animal foods. I also use salicylic acid (and AHA, obviously). I don't recommend benzoyl peroxide if you're already prone to scarring.

Hope this helps.

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For odd after scars Bio oil is good, but for deeper scarring try organic Acid cider vinegar (not ordinary vinegar) mixed with barcarbonate of soda, green tea and drop of lavender oil (if you wish) I assure you will see a difference use once to twice a week. use as a mask/scrub.

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