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Accutane - Together With Skinoren Or Not?

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Hi all,

I'm new to this board, and I just started today my RoAccutane course, with 20mg/day.

I'm 21 years, with a moderate acne, mostly on my back and arms. My face kind of cured with Skinoren and a lot of other stuff, but not totally, and no matter what I take, some of the acne cures itself, but appears right back on ... like I got to use creams and stuff daily.

Anyway, back to the topic. My question is, for example ... if a new pimple appears on my face, can I still use Skinoren (or any other cream used to cure/cover pimples) to reduce its visibility for the next day, so it won't look unaesthetic?

Or should I leave it alone, and let RoAccutane do its job?

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The general, blanket advice is to not use any other topicals while on Accutane. A) Because of possible interactions & B) Because your skin will be so sensitive and fragile. Wash with gentle cleanser, use a good sunblock, and moisturize, and try to let Accutane do its thing without anything else.

It's hard to do after months or years of using topicals, but this could be the first opportunity you've had for ages to stop with the creams. So why not give it a go?

Good luck with the 'tane. I'm in the 3rd month of a 6-month course, 40mg a day. So far it's the best thing I've done for my skin.

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Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my late one :))

Time passed so fast ... week 4 it's almost over.

Aaaand I couldn't help it to not use any topicals. I used Skinoren quite a few times when I had 2-3 visible pimples on my face ... there where no interactions.

After 1 week, I got drunk ... and the next day, I had a little breakout. Good thing it was on my back, and only a few on my face, not that visible anyway.

After that, I drank alcohol 2 more times, but only 1 glass, and there were no more breakouts. Anyway, I tried and still try to stay away from alcohol while on Roaccutane.

Now my skin it's starting to damage on my face ... I guess I have to buy a good moisturizer. I used one, like every 4 nights, but it's not that great.

But recently, I notice blackheads, that I used to have, are getting more visible, and some of them are getting out on their own. It's a good sign, but it looks like hell.

There are like hundreds of them. Does those "blackheads removal pore strips" really work? I can't take them out on my own ... my skin is damaging if I take a few of them out with my fingers, and like I said, there are hundreds.

Also, do I have to use a sunblock if it's winter over here?

Thx, and also good luck with your treatment @momiji_girl

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