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I'm a guy. 23. Most of my acne (of 8 or 9 years) has gone. I get occasional few, and whiteheads that aren't too troublesome. That being said, it has left me with a bad emotional state/ not much confidence. I'm getting much better over time, but most of my social life has been effected by it.

At the moment I have 1 small, but noticeable scar. The little deep "hole" kind of thing doesn't bother me, but it is pigmented. I have light Asian/ tanned Italian skin and it is kind of "sticking out". Really frustrated me. It's been on my face for over 5 months. My confidence levels are so bad with this.

My plans are to use make-up on this one scar/pigmented area. What can I do? I've seen some for-men makeup products like "The Men pen". But I have some questions. Will people be able to notice it? Especially girls? Are there any variables like in bright light it's more see-able. Any advice?

(If it's good, i may even use it for under eye circles that are sometimes bad looking.)

Are there any other better brands, that are for women, that I am better off using?

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Make-up is going to be seen no matter what you do. No one walks up to a girl and says, "OMG, I love your skin!" it always goes to "OMG, I love your makeup, what do you use!". With that being said, it's a trade off. Are you more self aware of the scar or makeup?


I wrote a little male makeup tips on this topic for this guy and I don't feel like repeating the whole thing. Give it a read and see if it helps any. If you only want to cover a few little spot then try a HD Concealer from Loreal. I don't remember the name off the top of my head (getting ready for work) but it blends really nice into the skin, the only down side is it works better if you use a little more than a spot. Just blend it into your natural skin very well. There is a video on the topic I linked (think it;s the last one) she talks about the product and uses it on Harry Styles. Hope this helps, Good Luck Mate!

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