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For People With Bad Breakouts

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I am not going to start preaching to everyone 'you must try this' 'you must do this' etc... but i used to have really badly patchy skin and would get really bad breakout (with a few cysts) just as the last major breakout was clearing. I would occasionally have a period with mo fresh spots but this would never last longer than a few days. It was getting to a point where i had terrible scarring on my nose and chin with purply/blue marks all over my face. I was losing alot of confidence and felt very depressed with my skin. I have oily skin and this is the regime i started in february....

Morning -

Wash face briefly with cold water, dry and wipe face with 'simple spotless skin quickfix cleansing wipes'

Put calamine lotion on a cotton ball and run a THIN layer over most oily parts of skin - (this stops area greasing up throughout the day)

Afternoon -

Shower straight from school - roughly 4pm (this means your skin can fully absorb moisteriser etc before sleeping and skins natural oils can repair and tone <- VERY IMPORTANT, DO NOT OVERWASH FACE AND LETS NATURAL OILS WORK TOO)

In shower use 'clean and clear blackhead clearing daily scrub'

after shower use 'neutrogena visibly clear spot stress control 3 in 1 daily cleansing lotion' followed by 'neutrogena spot stress contol ultra-light spot treatment moisteriser.'

Nightime -

Before bed i put 'savlon antiseptic cream' on small red marks and sudocream on any spot with a lump.


I drink 3-4 cups of green tea throughout the day

I drink the juice of 1 whole lemon a day

take 50mg of zinc (After dinner so never on empty stomach)

Steam my face for 10 mins every sunday before shower

That is it it has left me spot free apart from the odd small one here and there, and fingers crossed long may it continue! :D it is worth a try as it is a risk free regime and anyone has any questions i would be happy to answer! let me know how you guys get on :) xx

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Hey Lucas,

I think the most important part of your regimen is streaming the face.

For my routine, after I wash my face with Cetaphil, I always steam the face before applying Acnegen. This method works great for me.


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