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Cause Of My Oily Skin? (Tazorac User)

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Hello everyone,

General info: Male, 16 y/o

So I've been using tazorac for a good 7 months now, which has caused my skin to become very oily. Prior to using tazorac my skin was oily, however only in my t-zone and wasn't terribly noticeable. My dermatologist initially prescribed me Taz. Cream 0.05 %, which initially cleared up my acne and left my skin feeling very smooth. However, after a few months, it began to make my face greasy throughout the day. My dermatologist then prescribed me the 0.05 % Gel, which initially dried my face, but cleared up my acne and faded my acne scars. However, over time it has caused my entire face to become very shiny all around my face and very oily in my T-zone within two or three hours of cleansing. Recently, I began to try using the Cream once again to see if the Gel was what was causing my oilyness. I found that when using the Cream, my oil production decreased drastically, however I've been getting whiteheads, most likely caused by the mineral oil in the cream. So in short, I can use the Gel and have moderately clear skin but extreme oil production, or use the Cream and have fairly normal skin, but have whiteheads all over my face. My dermatologist also recently prescribed me aczone gel 0.05% for certain red areas of my face, which has worked perfectly fine. I've done extensive research and came to the conclusion that my skin is producing more oil to compensate for the drying that the gel is causing. However, if I use any moisturizer, even if they claim to be light, such as a cetaphil moisturizer, I get whiteheads immediately the next day. I've been contemplating trying jojoba oil at night, as it claims to balance oil production, however I've heard about it causing terrible initial breakouts. So in short, I'm just looking for an all around solution to my acne and now increasingly shiny/oily skin.

My skin type:

Currently very shiny all around face and oily

Occasional whiteheads, red bumps, TONS of blackheads on nose

Acne scars take FOREVER to face(Which is what I hate the most besides my oilyness)

Very sensitive, becomes red and irritated to anything with fragrence, aftershaves, shaving creams, ect



Cetaphil Normal to Oily Cleanser

Aczone Gel 0.05%


Cetaphil Normal to Oily Cleanser

Tazorac Gel 0.05%

Thanks in advance for anyone that took time to read this and possibly help me out.

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