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So I need recipes. Not MEAL recipes, but recipes for masks, toners, treatments, etc. I know I came across posts for green tea toners, Masks, different treatments using natural stuff like green tea, tea tre oil, etc that I meant to save and now cant find. Anyone have anything good? that WORKS? please post recipes! THANKS!

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Brew some green tea and use it to dilute Apple Cider Vinegar for a toner to restore your skin's PH as well as being a mild exfoliant.

And use aloe vera gel as a base for all kinds of things. I mix a green tea capsule, a niacinimide capsule and a little oil and use it as my main moisturizer.

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I made a muscle ache pain reliever with cayenne pepper since for the past couple of years, my neck has become no longer strong enough to hold my head up for hours at my computer or to sleep without some fancy pillow support that I have yet to find.

First I did a search and mostly found recipes for creams/lotions that involved oil and habanero powder and cooking for long periods. Opting not to go looking for habanero powder, I tried it with coconut oil, cayenne and a mini crock pot. It worked ok, but I have no idea if I really needed to cook it and for how long. And there's still a layer of sludge on the bottom that didn't blend. But it does work and the skin on my neck is damned soft.

But it keeps getting too warm and muggy here to have coconut oil slathered on my neck, so I mixed more cayenne with aloe vera gel. Which also works well. Now I want to figure how much to dilute it to use as a nasal spray that doesn't cause severe burns so I can stop shelling out the money for Sinus Buster. I have dabbed a tiny bit just inside my nostrils and it does work well and doesn't cause any lingering burn as is. But I don't think I want to inhale it.

Also, you can dissolve plain, cheap aspirin as a mask. Aspirin is salicylic acid which is the BHA that exfoliates inside the pores and so is a common ingredient in acne topicals. It will dry to a fine powder that will not stick and will start falling off and possibly making you sneeze, so you might not want to let it dry completely.

Yogurt is also a good topical mask. The lactic acid is an AHA exfoliator and it's possible the probiotics help topically. There's been a study posted here on topical probiotics.

And epsom salts. If you like to take baths, then you should definately bathe in epsom salts. The magnesium will get absorbed through your skin, and the sulfur is a great topical for all kinds of wounds and inflammation. Magnesium is a muscle relasxr that will help you sleep.

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Pinch of sea salt (make sure it dissolves,) few drops of olive oil, 2 drops of tea tree oil, few drops of ACV, green tea leaves, chamomile if you have it, some type of clay (bentonite is one people usually use although I personally use European clay which is montmorillonite.) Makes a nice clay mask that calms irritated skin and evens skin tone. As far as it helping with acne, I never noticed it helping much with breakouts personally but it did make my skin appear overall healthier.

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