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Hello I have been taking 30mg of Accutane for about 10 days now and am experiencing my initial breakout and have a couple of questions. I understand that you should avoid excess vitamin A while on Accutane. However, I drink milk that is fat free and has 10 % of the recommended daily value of vitamin A. Should I not drink this milk very much (i drink about 2 glasses a day)?

Also, I've been reading people's post on the internet and some people say you should drink milk to swallow the accutane, because the fat helps. But I drink fat free milk... Should I take the pill with water or my fat free milk?

thanks for any replies

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They likely say drink milk with your accutane because of the fat content. Accutane is absorbed much better when taken with a high fat food/drink. So, fat-free milk isn't helping. Just take it with a small meal, really just anything with some fat content (even if it's like 5 grams of fat). Taking accutane with NO fat can increase side effects and will decrease effectiveness.

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You need to take your accutane with something fatty.

If you take it with either fat free milk or water, then you need to eat something like an avacado, nuts, salmon, or my favorite, a cheeseburger. surprised.gif

Oh, and you are fine with the amount of vitamin A in the milk- no worries!

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