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I've been browsing around this forum as much as I can trying to absorb information. A lot of it is very good, and it makes me realize just how much junk i've been consuming. I used to think that I was a healthy eater. In fact, i'm probably one of the healthiest eaters in my family, but that was until I looked at the ingredients in the food I was eating.

One particular food that I consume a large amount of is bread. Recently, i've been reading about how wheat can break people out...and that was a bit discouraging to read, because I eat a lot of wheat.

I read the ingredients to a loaf of Sara Lee Whole Wheat Bread...Enriched (or bleached) Flour, Gluten, High Fructose Corn Syrup...to name a few.

I've been saying for years that 'Sara Lee is a Bitch' as a joke, but I guess it turned out to be true, haha.

The problem is, if I cut bread out of my diet, I lose a lot of my calories...and i'm also trying to gain weight.

So...I ask for help. Does anyone know what I could do about this? If this has already been discussed, please direct me to wherever, and I can delete this thread. Thanks everyone!

EDIT: It might help to mention that nothing in my house is from an organic grocery store or anything. Would eating bread from an organic grocery store help at all?

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EDIT: It might help to mention that nothing in my house is from an organic grocery store or anything. Would eating bread from an organic grocery store help at all?


If you're desperate for calories, eat some nuts every day. A handful will give you about a trillion cals. Peanuts are technically not nuts but so low-glycemic I recommend them anyway.

Bread, including organic whole wheat/rye/barley/corn bread, is great if you want acne.

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Any sort of wheat bread is bad. Any sort of grain at all, isn't ideal.

I have an excellent replacement for bread. It can be used as tortillas, pizza crust, enchilada wrapper, sandwich wrapper, crackers, etc. I call it "cracker bread" but it isn't really.

All it is: vegetable pulp from the juicer (i usually use tomato, carrot, celery, garlic and greens) + soaked ground flax+ salt and herbs, dehydrated in the oven. Mix it together in a blender and spread it out on wax paper on a cookie sheet and leave it in the oven all day with the door open, on the LOWEST setting. (110 degrees would be good, if not, use the lowest setting there is--or a dehydrator.

It makes the whole house smell like pizza crust as it's dehydrating, and it tastes so good! I gave my boyfriend a burrito I made out of it and he said it was the best burrito of his life. And completely raw/gluten/grain free and non irritating. If any of those vegetables irritates you or you don't like the flavor, you can use different veggies depending on what you like. If you only have a blender and no juicer you can strain the juice out that way. You've got to have at least a blender to do this.

Oh and for the flax, soak it in a little water overnight and blend it into the consistency of pancake batter. THEN blend it into the vegetable pulp and add your salt, spices, etc.

There are no set amounts, it pretty much works no matter how you do it. Just know that more veggie pulp = more fibrous/bread/cracker like, and more of the flax = more flexible, tortilla like.

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I know I said I'd delete this, but now there's too much good info, lol.


Thanks for the advice for the calories.


That sounds awesome, i'll try and give it a shot.

Interestingly enough, I found some sourdough bread which didn't contain gluten or high fructose corn syrup. I used that for my sandwiches for the time being, and my skin was much clearer than normal! Despite the fact the sourdough bread was also bleached, enriched flour, I think the lack of gluten and HFCS outweighed the fact it was wheat.

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If it was wheat, it wasn't gluten free. Are you sure it wasn't some other form of bleached flour? It would never be gluten free if it was wheat.

Sometimes they make those sort of breads out of tapioca flour or rice.

Btw, for the cracker bread I posted about, I forgot a few things-- it helps if you lay a piece of wax paper on the cookie sheet, and then spread a little olive oil on the paper before you spread the first layer. And I forgot to mention, when the top part of the layer is pretty dry, you want to take it out of the oven and carefully flip it onto a second piece of wax paper (it will be dry enough so you don't really need the olive oil this time to prevent it from sticking), then stick it back in the oven to dry out the other side.

It takes a while- usually it's an all day thing for me. Maybe four or five hours to dry each side. But it's worth it!

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