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Hospital Messing Up My Acutane Course (Nhs)


I'm three months into my course, at the end of month the receptionist who was meant to give me a repeat appointment said she'll send me a letter for my appointment in two months.

I had the blood test two weeks ago but i still haven't recieved a letter. My last appointment was august 15th and my pills finished last week.

After calling monday 10th oct the doctor overseeing the treatment said i'd get a letter in 3 days, i waited a week and have been calling non stop the past couple of days. Finally i call again just now and get through to a secretary i'm told i'll be seen in 4 weeks.

Wtf, accutane is serious stuff and they're messing about like this. How bad is it that i have to wait a month before i start again? I want this over and done with, why can't things just go smoothley. It only takes 5 minutes to be seen to. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i should do next.

Btw. its St Mary's hospital dermatology in London for anyone reading this, AVOID!

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It's crazy how this stuff can happen when they are supposed to be helping you. I would call every other dermatologist in your area and say you need to see them asap to continue your Accutane treatment.

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I know i cannot believe it myself. That would mean having to go private which will rape my wallet! I'm going to try again on Wednesday as i could only get through to a secretary.

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