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Red Pimples After Having A Breakout Of Spots. Need Help.

Hey guys..

A few weeks ago, i had a breakout of spots on both sides of my cheeks, it took about a week or two for the spots to go but after it dissapeared, i was left with a reddish round pimple on the places where i had the spots. The pimples are blended in the skin and aren't raised or anything so i defiinetly know they aren't spots.

The problem with me having pimples is that my skin is very pale so whenever i get a spot or a pimple, it's very visible and it really bothers me.

I've had these pimples for almost a month, and this isn't the first time this has happened, it's so frustrating because everytime when an old pimple fades away, another spot grows and then i'm having to deal with that one afterwards.

I've always been told by people to use a face scrub every once in a while to prevent spots from appearing, but it's as though everytime when i do use a face scrub, i get an outbreak of spots afterwards.

I was just wondering if anyone can recommend me any cream ( (ideally in the UK) that can help reduce these pimples as i'm really eager to reduce the amount of time i'm having to wait to resolve this issue.


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I would stop using any face scrub because like you said it causes you to break out. Not sure what face wash you use, but you can try a benzoyl peroxide one. Since you get outbreaks over your entire cheeks area I would say to look for a BP cream to put on at night... you'll have to find one that works for you but make sure to stick with it.

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I used benzoyl peroxide but it use to dry out my skin and still left pimple marks.

Anyone got any advice about treating the pimple marks?

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