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When Will My Dry Lips Go Away? It's Been Over A Year...

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I took my last dose of Accutane in July of 2010. All of the painful side-effects of Accutane went away quickly, except for my dry lips. It's been over a year, and they're still excruciatingly dry. I use Aquaphor, as recommended by my dermatologist, which works, but it's only a band-aid to the problem. I wake up every morning, or in the middle of the night, with lips that are cracked/bleeding, because I can't apply the Aquaphor every 15 minutes while I'm sleeping. I still have to carry around the Aquaphor with me everywhere I go, and if I forget to bring it with me when I leave the house, I have to either go back and get it, or stop by a drug store and buy more, or I will be miserable until I can get my hands on more Aquaphor.

I drink plenty of water. I eat well. There's a humidifier in my room.

Has anyone else had this problem? For those of you had dry lips for over a year, how long did it take or yours to go away? Is it possible this is permanent? Has anyone found any remedies (other than drinking water and taking multi-vitamins) that help with this?

I appreciate any information.

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Sorry no idea, I took accutane then soon after like 1 week later i started noticing less care was required for my lips until it got to the point a few months later that it was basically as it was before. Having dry lips 1 year post accutane doesn't sound like something that is going to heal itself, maybe look for help? I have no idea what the issue is though but having perma dry lips would suck...

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