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My Regimen That Worked Me Wonders!

So I'm Brodie, suffered from acne from 15 years of age right through to 4 months ago, I am now 18 and acne 98% cured :D

I went to the doctors and got prescribed 50mg doxycycline that I take one of everyday and built my way up to one and a half a day after 3-4 months of taking them. Allow 1-3 months before you will see the true amazing benefits!

I also got prescribed a cream to use on a cleansed face an hour before bed called Differin adapalene 0.1% 30g tube. This is excellent!

There is also a gel that I would recommend to a sufferer with an extremely Oily face.

Now along with those from the doctors I also use cetaphil for dry skin on my face and let the water just run over and clear my face whilst im showering, then once im out i use the proactiv 3 step care system though instead of using step 3 at night I use my prescribed cream!

If I hav a zit I use the refining mask on it before bed and that works well to clear the redness. The green tea moisturiser is also a must to use at least twice a week. Make sure you wash your face everyday twice a day to see drastic results within 6 weeks! note: use lots of water on ur face when wetting pre step 1 and when your washing it off.

The above are the medical treatments, now along with them you must eat and drink well! I found by eating healthy subway with all salads and drinking plenty of water and no coke or oily foods or carbonated water everyday to help crazily as well!

Now apparently being in the sun a lot makes your pours bigger so more dirt can get in.. Honestly pro activ makes them tighter anyway so honestly getting a lot of sun helps clear your face as does swimming in the ocean! That is the best natural remedy out I swear! Long periods in the salt water has noticeable effects I promise!

Now I also strive to tell you to have your own face towel to use for just ur face! I found that I'd be wiping my hair gel and waxes and soaps and dirty water on the towel that I use for shower and when I'd whipe my face on that I new my pours were being clogged up!

Little things, don't hold your phone to ur cheek, don't let dogs lick your face and don't squeeze ur zits or pimples! Get a sterilised pin or needle and prick the head then go wash ur face! You don't want scarring! One last thing spending a lot of time in bed gets ur face oily and doesn't allow your skin to shed the crazy amounts it does!

Keep your hair clean and shower properly.

You will see results if you stick to this regimen for 4 months at the absolute maximum I promise!

I hope this helps because I know it worked for me, I've got the hottest girlfriend to prove it ;) x

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Good post with some good advice. Glad you found a skin regimen that works for you.

I haven't used Proactiv personally, but it has mixed reviews.

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Thanks avenger,

Look about proactiv I used it before and stopped using it coz I didn't think it was worth it but after I stopped my skin got no better so I went back on it, but I reely reckon its the big combination of what I said above with the medication and creams proactiv and the healthy eating is a lot better then just washing ur face because think about it pimples come from underneath so u need something to work from the inside out, my advice : doxycycline :)

Thank you mate

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